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About Us

We have the lowest turnover ratio and highest tenant return ratio in the City.

Some 25 years ago our founders made significant investment into rental accommodations in Ft McMurray to support the temporary population coming to the City to build the tarsands and the community. Many of our tenants come and go and we have made great efforts to develop tenant loyalty by understanding their residential and family needs.

Tenants choose Ft. McMurray Apartments because we provide a consistent, excellent quality of rental unit. We have on staff operations people that attend to tenant issues immediately. All of our building managers are long term, reliable, honest staff there to help new residents ‘fit into’ the community and lifestyle of the City. Our Property Manager is a long term resident of the community and has been a valued member of the Ft. McMurray Apartments team for 17 years.

Why choose Ft. McMurray Apartments for your next home?

  • We have a superior rental product and all of our buildings are very well maintained.
  • We have veteran staff with a tenant sensitive attitude always willing to make your stay with us a positive experience.
  • We go to great lengths to approve quality tenants. Your neighbors respect the buildings and tenant privacy.
  • Our on site team provides for a secure living environment.
  • All of our building are located in the best residential communities ideal for family or single lifestyle.
  • We have an excellent reputation in the community and are recognized as preferred landlords in the City.

Please feel free to call or e-mail us about your rental interest or questions.